Walter Tabares

April, 2019

Dear Employer / customer,


I am Walter a bilingual Telecom support specialist & Freelance Web Designer by Trade, but after getting caught in the economic downturn I took time to go back to school for upgrading.  cnc programming was a good choice to add to my skills in computer applications.


I am currently in the mist of re-locating to Peterborough and would like to start fresh and focus again on providing the highest level of design and customer service support for potential companies, I will be available for any employment opportunities in early July 2019, so please keep me in your database as a potential future candidate,  looking forward to working full time utilizing my past and present skills. Please find enclosed my resume for your review and consideration.



Walter M. Tabares


Telecommunications specialists create and install computer technology designed for the purposes of communication, such as video or data systems. These professionals need a large amount of technical computer knowledge, as well as manual dexterity for installing and repairing communication lines. Depending on who they work for, they may offer their services to a single company or to many under the employment of a telecommunications firm. Additionally, these professionals must routinely check on previously installed equipment and fix and maintain it as needed to ensure it functions properly, great communication and customer service support.


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